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Welcome to Acclaim!
We are a custom print provider, specializing in pressure sensitive labels. Our customers expect quality, require timely deliver and deserve promises to not be broken. We enjoy challenges and look forward to every opportunity!

NewsNotes™ labels for newspapers is trademarked by NAStar, Inc. Acclaim is the only authorized manufacturer of NewNotes in the region including the states of Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. NewsNotes™ are designed and tested to run on the most popular automated applicators running up to 80,000 pieces per hour without incident.

The financial benefits of NewsNotes™ to the newspaper industry are enormous. For example, a newspaper with an average daily circulation of 75,000 and Sunday of 100,000 could add over $1,000,000 to its revenue stream and over $500,000 in net profit annually. The payback on applicating equipment is months, not years.

News Notes™ design template

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Repositional adhesive!
Acclaim's NewsNotes™ adhesive running on both backside edges virtually eliminates ripping or tearing of the advertising note during automatic application or "in-bag" insertion. "Flying edges" that don't allow full adhesion on the paper can lead to machine jams at your facility and bent corners on your client's message copy. Go with NewsNotes™' full edge adhesion on both edges to reduce downtime during press runs.

Repositional adhesive is water-based and repulpable!
Unlike solvent-based adhesives, Acclaim's NewsNotes™ not only meet Tappi 213 repulpability standards, but easily adapts to existing waste streams and is better for the environment. NewsNotes™ is a "greener" product; more friendly to our environment!

Round cornered!
NewsNotes™ round cornered labels provide a stronger professional image. Acclaim's round cornered labels have a more professional perception than square-cornered notes.

Much lower freight costs than competitors! (More profit for you!)
We have all heard of the exorbitant freight charges provided by other note providers. This is because shipment is made from one U.S. location. Acclaim and the NewsNotes™ team ship from one of ten geographically placed locations; one of which is within a 1 working day ship point of you! NewsNotes™' Regions

White semi-gloss or non-phosphorescent yellow stock same low price!

All NewsNotes™ are poly-bagged to lockout humidity and protect them from ambient contaminants!
Humidity, temperature, and the ambient environment have the greatest effect on any label's performance. Our Poly-bag closures protect NewsNotes™ from harmful conditions. So, if you are having difficulty running notes this summer due to high humidity or this winter due to lack of humidity, consider NewsNotes™ poly-bagging for a problem-free run!

Ordering NewsNotes™ is Easy!
Click here to view the ordering information. Once you have completed the form submit the information and forward your artwork to Be sure to contact your Acclaim representative for pricing and answering any questions. You can also fax your order in at 800.676.5502 or call us at 800.676.5501

Unique promotional printing gives customers hundreds of selling options!


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